Danny Chu: DJ Cee @ Brickyard

Photos from the DJ Cee party @ Brickyard, Kaohsiung

About the Author

I was born in Taiwan and I moved to New Jersey when I was 9. Currently right now im a freelance photographer and working with alot of Professionals in the past. I know Mandarin, Taiwanese, Latin, and English. I'm going to be back and forth travel from both of countries. I love to hang out with my friends and see more places around Taiwan.

2 Responses to “ Danny Chu: DJ Cee @ Brickyard ”

  1. “Help Me Eros!!!” Wow, this photo gallery is more ‘face’ oriented. Lotsa eyes, lotsa electricity! Less on the bodies, but more on “hey, we were there!!” Festive, especially on the Cuervo Gold pours!!! Great work!!

  2. @MerryBathCelestial

    Thanks ^^ ~!

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