Daniel Pearl Music Day Taiwan 2007

We got a comment from KDC regarding the 6th annual Daniel Pearl Music Day this year. Any updates would be appreciated.

Hey Guys,

I’m hearing that the Dan Pearl Day of Music is gonna be on Sept. 30 at Hsinyi Public Auditorium right across from the Taipei Convention Center. They moved it up from the original Oct. 14th date. Anybody hear anything on this, and why with a little more than a week to go is it not being more publicized?


Kim, this is the information I got off of the Daniel Pearl Music Days Website:

Daniel Pearl Day of Music
Date: Sunday, 09/309/2007
Time: 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Venue: Taipei
Country: Taiwan
Details: The Taiwan Foreign Correspondents Club is proudly sponsoring its 6th Daniel Pearl Day of Music. The event will take place at the newly opened Hsinyi Public Assembly Hall, No. 50 Song-Qin Street, Hsinyi District, Taipei, located directly across the street from the Taipei World Trade Center. A great line-up of bands will be performing as well as food and drink from our sponsors, Tavern Premier. NT$200 donation is appreciated from all concert-goers.

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  1. Thanks guys for the time and effort…much appreciated.
    I did check out the official website, but at the time all they had listed was the wrong date ( 29th ) and not the 30th, and had listed DC & MBR as the only band with more to come. Hope they get up to speed on this and get the word out as it is for a great cause.


  2. Check out the festival update post. I received a confirmation of Sunday, September 30th as the date for the Daniel Pearl Music Day Festival.

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