Daniel Pearl Day

Celebrate the life of Daniel Pearl� with us in

Taipei this weekend!


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  1. If you can’t read the map. You need to get to the Gong Guan MRT station. That circle is the corner of Keelung and Roosevelt

  2. Whew! That was a great party. everyone lounging up on that roof watching Mr. Green and Tyler from The Anglers was great. The view of the river and all the rooftops of Treasure Hill was amazing. Too bad most of it’s going to be plowed down to make way for new stuff. Go over there and walk around before it’s gone.

  3. Hey Guys,

    I’m hearing that the Dan Pearl Day of Music is gonna be on Sept. 30 at Hsinyi Public Auditorium right across from the Taipei Convention Center. They moved it up from the original Oct. 14th date. Anybody hear anything on this, and why with a little more than a week to go is it not being more publizised?


  4. Hey Kim, I checked out the Website and you were a little off on your date. I made a post in the main section of the website though. Thanks for the heads up 🙂


  5. Daniel Pearl music day yea! He did not live to be a martyr but we have made him so. Still–don’t let his name become merely a symbol. Read his wife’s memoir, read his stories, realize what an ordinary, but courageous man he was–jew or not—christian, muslim, athiest, jew, buddhist- let us all have the courage that he did to stand up for the common things that bind us together…and then suddenly, we’ll all realize that we are just standing up for ourselves–all of us, together.

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