D. Aaron Petrie is so Insufferably Hip he Needs a New One

Here is some info from a friend of mine that is going to have a fundraiser for his hip replacement surgery. Make sure to go to the Red Wolf tavern and drink your asses off and help raise some money for him. Consider it charity work.

Fundraiser party at The Red Wolf in Tainan this Saturday June 20

Here’s the news- Owing to my scooter wreck a few years ago I’ve decided to go in for a total hip replacement. This is good news for me, the way these surgeries are done today I could very well be breakdancing and running triathalons in a matter of months. The downside is that it costs $$$, even with Taiwan’s excellent health coverage. That being the case the good people of The Red Wolf Tavern on Gongyuan have stepped up and offered to hold a fundraiser for me. Publicans Eric, Key et al will donate 20NTD for every Heineken sold to my operation & recovery fund. It also promises to be a great night with three bands, DJ’s and appropriate mayhem. Should also be one of my last nights in a bar for a while as I plan to go on the wagon whilst rehabilitating (I go under the knife June 30). Hope I can hoist one with you.
D. Aaron

ps-for anybody who’s prone to get worried over me please don’t. This stuff (Total Hip Replacement or THR) has become a routine operation with a relatively quick recovery time. I’ll post a few links about it below if you’re interested


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  1. hello hello :

    This is Dixn. how are you recently??

    do you ever come back here ???
    anyway , sometimes give me a call ,due

  2. Doing good Dixon. Still back in NY but I will call you when I am in Taiwan.

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