Cosplay Part II – The Day After

After going to check out the awesome cosplay event yesterday at Cheng Kung University in Tainan, I couldn’t resist going back for more today. The costumes, colors, and personalities make for such great photos. I originally planned on making a short video collage with some interviews, but after I started I realized that nearly everyone didn’t speak any English and the added work of trying to translate everything discouraged me from making any progress. So, sorry, no video. Maybe next time.

I wanted to find out why most of the people decided to dress up and cosplay, but never could really get into asking them all. They were more interested in being human mannequins it seemed. They do a great job of posing though and whenever I asked for a certain pose I got it right away. It was full time work for them (and me too, but i was more like the kid in the candy shop buzzing around from one treat to the next), and many of the costumes look big and heavy, and undoubtedly hot as hell.

I believe this trend satisfies young Taiwanese on many levels. Comic books and computer games are huge favorites of the youth here, and the can emulate their favorite characters, dress up in cute/sexy clothes, and take and be in thousands of photos in a very short time. Yeah, anyone that has been in Taiwan knows the Taiwanese can never refuse a picture, and love it so much they take pictures by themselves of themselves even when people are there that could assist them in taking the photo. I love the fact that only one person gave me the V with their fingers while posing. I discarded that picture already.

IMG_6236IMG_6235IMG_6192Asian Cosplay-83IMG_6190Asian Cosplay-78IMG_6187Asian Cosplay-76IMG_6182Asian Cosplay-74IMG_6179IMG_6176Asian Cosplay-71IMG_6172

What is up with all the cosplayers not speaking any English? I feel like I found out an important clue about them, but I don’t know what the mystery is yet. Anyway, I here are the rest of the photos I took that day. If you have any cosplay photos, drop a link in the comments. I’d like to check out other photographers’ pics.

IMG_6232IMG_6228IMG_6220IMG_6218IMG_6217IMG_6198IMG_6196IMG_6194Asian Cosplay-67IMG_6165IMG_6158IMG_6155IMG_6141IMG_6113

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