Corporal Punishment: Taiwanese Student

Another video shot by a Taiwanese student getting roughed up by their teacher taken by their classmate via cellphone. Hitting in school is still commonplace on the ROC(K), and I imagine sometimes a teacher will just break down when kids don’t perform well or are repeatedly disrespectful. The videos never do justice for the teacher and make them all look like lunatics.

Having been in the classroom though I will say, especially one junior high school in Tainan, that I would have loved to beat the hell out of more than a handful of rude, disrespectful morons that spend their time during the day as students. I would never do it though. No reason to get deported. I just quit the job when the time was right and i never had to see those kids again.

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  1. No matter what the student said or did there is absolutely no justification for what this teacher did. She assaulted the student. It is a criminal offence. The teacher should never be allowed back in the classroom again.

  2. Actually I could think of several justifications. You don’t know what happened before the video started.

  3. I agree with David. There are other ways to deal with whatever the student did before that.

    What always strikes me as a bit odd about some of those situations is that the students are usually much bigger than the teacher, not to mention that there’s a group of students and only one teacher. For the student to not fight back and the students’ friends to keep sitting there watching the whole thing without saying a word requires a very strong system of fear that allows this kind of behavior to take place. If anything, the opposite is taking place in the more “western” atmospheres, which is also a big problem. Preserving the balance between the respect to the teachers and students is tricky.

  4. I don’t care about saying something PC regarding this. Granted, not everyone should be a teacher but I have seen kids that do things and deserve corporal punishment. I guess I feel a bit for the lady and without an y explanation of what transpired we are all left guessing.

    The reason the kids don’t fight back is that they will get their ass kicked for sure by other teachers, the principal, and then their parents.

    Teaching requires that the kids respect you or fear you. Some kids will never respect anyone. Some teachers will abuse fear to garner a bogus respect.

  5. Agreed with David and Fili, there should be a balance and respect goes both ways. However, it still depends on the country’s law and education system. We can only comment.

  6. do u guys know what the student said?

    he said “靠北” which means “f***” “幹你娘” which means “go f*** your mom”

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