Confucious’ Birthday


I went to the Confucious temple in Tainan to see what kind of party they were throwing and to pay my respects. I happened to meet a man, Mr. Hun, that looks like a hipper, modern day version of Confucious. He was nice, and let me take a picture. Check it out below. He spoke a mixture of Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese making it difficult to speak with him, but I did my best.

Mr. Hun said he likes it there because it is quiet and the air is cleaner. I agree. That is a powerful place. I have always enjoyed going there and just hanging out for a while. The trees are awesome, and I did see a few squirrels frolicking about. I must have missed the festivities, but as usual, it was nice to hang out under the canopy for a while and hang with my new friend, Confucious aka Mr. Hun.


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