Changes at the Real Taiwan

There are going to be some major changes happening on this site in the next several weeks.

First, the Tainan Guide on this site is going to move to the Tainan Bulletin. If you click on several of the links now, you will be automatically directed to the Tainan Bulletin. This is where the guide belongs, and I feel great about moving it over.

Second, I have been contemplating making some serious changes to the clutter on this site for a while, so I will be doing that when I get some time.

Third, I am also looking for people that would like to write and/or submit photo essays and videos. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag about all of the changes on the site just yet, but we will hopefully be a band of several authors and a googolplex of perspectives to offer. I am hoping that there are some females out there that would be willing to share their perspective, too. This site is such a guys site, that I think some fresh air is in order to clear out the stench. The theme of contributing to this site is… anything Taiwan related goes, with an emphasis on music, cultural places, video, photography, and stories. I know, how can I be that vague…? Well, I have shifting interests by my very nature and I like to incorporate them all together. That is why I use all available forms of media to display what I am doing in Taiwan. I also started this site hoping it would be a community of writers, but that never took off, I suppose because if you are going to write, it is just as easy to start your own website and say what you want there.

If you are thinking of writing here, there are two benefits that come to my mind. You can reach a much larger audience directly by writing here first, and possibly use this site to help promote your other site. Also, because of some luck and hard work, I am usually able to get some free passes to events. There is work involved, but hopefully it is a labour of love. Finally, what the hell, this site might just be as bizarre and quirky as you. Here’s your chance to mix it up.

If you are interested in writing here, email me at therealtaiwan [at] You don’t need to be pro, just to have a unique vision.

More top come soon. If you see the site is down, please ignore it and come back later. That means the transformation has begun…

About the Author

I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, and webmaster.

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  1. That sounds good. Tainan Bulletin might have potential for driving your Tainan directory into something more social – group oriented.

    Good luck.

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