CD Release: Scott Cook A long Way To Wander

Scott Cook (The Anglers) has been a long time fixture in the music scene here in Taiwan and in Canada. Folky and groovy, A long Way to Wander is an album that deserves some attention.

Here is a little taste of what you can get on the album. Also, let Scott know what you think in the Anglers forum

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My Grandma


Scott’s new CD, Long Way to Wander, was released December 8th, 2007 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and is now available online and in Taiwan: at Bobwundaye in Taipei, The River in Jungli, and Mojo Coffee in Taichung. It’s only 300 nt.

The album is currently charting on CJSR radio in Edmonton, and getting airplay on several other stations as well. Reviews so far have all been positive. Scott plans to tour the record around western Canada through the winter, to Taiwan in the spring for festival season, and across Canada in the summer of 2008.

Info about the album, links to reviews, and free mp3s can be found on Scott Cook


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