videos from Taiwan

Taiwan Explorer – Part 1: Introducing Formosa

Here is the first of many videos we will be sharing with everyone here from our friend Monkeetime. They provide an interesting look at various components of Taiwan and living in the ROC. This first video is nice for anyone looking to research Taiwan, possibly for living or for teaching English in Taiwan. [ | […]

Biking in Taiwan: East Coast

here is a video by the Travel and Living channel about biking the East side of Taiwan. Biking is becoming more and more popular in Taiwan so if you should come here, bring a bike or buy one here so you can get some exercise and see the beautiful lesser traveled side of Taiwan that […]

Stupid Scooter Crash

Here is a pointless video. Some Taiwanese thought it would be funny to park a scooter in teh road and then crash into it. Perhaps a few Taiwan beers gave the rider courage to make the moronic maneuver. [ on this server. | | on this server. | ]

Great Traffic Video Complete With Foot Gore

Here is the best video I have seen so far about traffic conditions in Taiwan. There is some commentary along with good footage of traffic infractions, and then some footage of foreigners in the hospital and some extremely gory footage of one foreigners foot. I nearly tossed my cookies while watching that part so be […]

Taiwanese drunkard falls several stories

I was watching this and realized I don’t know what the hell is going on, only that this nutty guy slips/jumps several stories.  Does anyone know what happened here?  Did he get seriously hurt or die? [ | | on this server. | ]

Taiwan Hot Girls OMFG~~!!!

Here is a yet another post for anyone wishing to see more of the Taiwanese ladies.  It is a video someone uploaded to Youtube  with loads of Taiwanese babes taking photos of themselves.  I don’t know who found all of these pictures but the content ranges from girls in bikinis to girls taking photos in […]

Traffic in Taipei

Traffic in Taipei is monumental, but they do play more by the rules there than at other places on the roc(k).  Here is a surprisingly clear video of traffic conditions on a normal day in Taipei.  Notice the hoar4ds of scooters weaving around to the right. [ | | | ]