Photos from Taiwan

Vigar: Oasis Pool Party

Vigar: Oasis Pool Party

So about these pool parties, as far as I’m concerned, parties of the summer. There is no better way to battle a Saturday morning hangover than **gamboling poolside while tanning with a cocktail in one hand and the other moving with the music. It’s true that Taipei isn’t known for its plethora of pools. But […]

Vigar: Havana Pool Party

Vigar: Havana Pool Party

Frog in a Sock presents: Havana Pool Party at Taipei’s country club, DJ Cola, Mr. Baer, David S, DJ Nina. Photos by Vigar [ buy viagra cheap | buy viagra safely | viagra facts | 5 mg cialis | pfizer mexico viagra | 5 mg cialis | buy viagra prescription online | viagra stores | […]

Vigar:  Dr. Reniculous Lips @ Roots

Vigar: Dr. Reniculous Lips @ Roots

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Danny Chu: DJ Go & World Cup Event

Danny Chu: DJ Go & World Cup Event

Photos from DJ Go & the World Cup @ Brickyard [ viagra generic | popularity of viagra | natural viagra | us discount viagra overnight delivery | keeping a hardon | usa generic viagra | viagra in philippines | buy generic cialis | alternate to viagra | generic cialis sale | female viagra cream | […]

Vigar~Clarke:  Major Lazer

Vigar~Clarke: Major Lazer

Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers do! Major Lazer 在台北 Wednesday night synopsis: Diplo making all the cool people in Taipei doggy style dance to the future sound of dancehall whilst Skerrit Bwoy monkey wrestled a giant penguin armed with a machine gun while swinging from a ladder into the perfectly split legs of a riot-ready babe […]

Danny Chu: Brickyard Pool Party

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Danny Chu:  Lazer

Danny Chu: Lazer

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