Taiwan Music: The Rising Hedons

Taiwan Music: The Rising Hedons

Formed in the spirit of the blues, The Rising Hedons are the voice of travel and experimentation. A gathering of individuals from both sides of the Atlantic who aspire to capture a world of tale-telling and the exploration of sound. The Rising Hedons have released their full-length album entitled “Head Full of Rain.” The album […]

Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Taiwan Music: Paper Scissors Stone Band

Paper Scissors Stone is an acoustic trio doin’ folk/ folk rock/classic rock covers, and we’ll soon be playing our originals as well. Not exclusively bound by one form of music or another Paper Scissor Stone Band brings you folk / folk rock / classic rock covers from the 50’s right on through to the present….on […]

New Hong Kong Hair City

In the land of rock the guitar is king. Few have dared question its dominance until now. Mooney Sue [audio:/NHKHC/Mooney Sue.mp3] One for the Road [audio:/NHKHC/One for the Road.mp3] Enter NHKHC. Keys, drums, bass and sax. Part funk, part pop,100% rock. Come experience the revolution in the seedy underbelly of NEW HONG KONG HAIR CITY. […]

Half Mile Radius

Half Mile Radius is a Half American, Half Taiwanese band with a sound that is Half heavy and Half light. Within the diameter of the band resides Dan, who likes the White Stripes a bit too much, and Brian, who wishes he was Jimmy Chamberlain. Scumbus [audio:Half Mile Radius/Half Mile Radius – Scumbus.mp3] Recent immigrants […]

Selling Us Everything

A note from Selling Us Everything: We’re a group of individuals who nurture our own ulcers by concerning ourselves with the state of affairs and expressing it in our brand of music. We are wet blankets, and would be happy to play for you and ruin your party Product Jingles [audio:selling us everything/how to make […]

Pan Africana

Pan African Cultural Troupe is a group of professional drummers and dancers of African ancestry who have come together to share all that is African with the people of Asia, Taiwan in particular. They have been performing at festivals, business functions, clubs, schools, etc. Pan Africana also teach African dance and drumming, participate in talks, […]