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Making English Fun with Brian

Making English Fun with Brian “Funshine” Alexander

Are you looking for great English activities for your children? Sparkle and Shine – Living English Stories presents “A Christmas to Remember”. Kenn ‘Sparkles’, from Disney’s World of English, and children’s music composer and entertainer, Brian ‘Funshine’ are hosting hour long children’s Christmas events like you have never seen before. Live music, singing and dancing, […]

Rex, Matt, Tyler

I know it’s been a while, but I had a moment and saw this in the comments section of the site. This post just kills me: We are three friends from Chicago, and Ohio and we are here in Taiwan for the winter holiday. We have been going around on our own for a couple […]

Possible Job in Filming of Life of Pi

I just saw this info in the comments. No idea if it is legit or if they’re still looking but it’s worth a shot. Ang Lee needs your help! New movie ‘Life of Pi’ shooting in Taiwan – Looking for an Indian background actress and Mexican background actor! Hi, we are looking at all expat […]

Song:  8 分 醉 - Drunk

Song: 8 分 醉 – Drunk

I was listening to some old recordings the other day and this one stuck out for a few reasons. The first is, the guy I recorded it with reminds me of a modern day terracotta warrior. He’s a really cool Taiwanese aboriginal guy that goes by the name Joe. He’s a profession is singing and […]

Taiwanese Men and Stripping

Taiwanese Men and Stripping

This is an odd subject to be brought up here at The Real Taiwan considering that all of the contributors at this point are woman-loving red-blooded males. I’ve been out at bars and discos in Taiwan too many times to count, and I’ve seen way too many times where Taiwanese men get goaded into stripping. […]

No Photos Pre-Party Interview Series Pt. IV

No Photos Pre-Party Interview Series Pt. IV

By Matt Gibson What: No Photos Interactive Art Party and Exhibition When: Friday, June 11th. Where: Roxy Roots Notorious party photographer Steven Vigar ( is moving from Tainan to Taipei so that he can blind partygoers with his flash and post embarrassing pictures of them on his website on weekdays, in addition to weekends. In […]

Work in Taiwan: Beyond teaching: Part I

Work in Taiwan: Beyond teaching: Part I

After going through the usual stages: teaching… then studying Chinese… then thinking i had made all this effort to study i should try and get a job where i had to speak it – I started to apply for jobs other than teaching. Interviews for teaching English were artificial worlds in which every compensation was […]