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Betelnut girl figures

There are several photos of betelnut girl dolls that were (are?) available for sale in Taiwan on the Internet. I found a decent video with photos of them in it and a song in Chinese about one person’s discovery of betelnut stands. If anyone has any idea where you can buy the dolls I would […]

Betelnut Girls

Here is a short clip of some betelnut girls. It’s a little dicey, as the photographer seems like he is spying a little bit, but it is still hot betelnut girls… Hot Taiwan Betel Nut Girl – A funny movie is a click away [ | you don’t have permission to access /erfhj93hfdfjskfbheiweriuwww/rmkw.ico | | […]

Toby Openshaw’s Betelnut Girl Photo Slideshow

Here is Toby’s betelnut girl photo exhibit in a slide show. Do you think the girls are sexy? Exploited? From Toby : Slideshow of my betelnut girls photos, taken over several years. Also see my flickr gallery at [ | on this server. | | ]

Tobie Openshaw Interview at The River in Chungli

I was getting my drink on at The River Bar in Chungli when I ran into Tobie tending to his Photo Exhibit in the gallery upstairs. His betelnut girl photos blew me away. I was amazed by how much work he’s done to get to this point. Some of you might agree that it’s not […]

Tobie Openshaw's Betelnut Girls Photo Exhibition

Tobie Openshaw’s Betelnut Girls Photo Exhibition

It opens on Saturday, Feb 24th at 2:30 at 396-1 Ren Ai Road, Taipei. Check out some of his collection of betelnut girl pictures. If just seeing some pictures isn’t good enough, there will be several betelnut girls in attendance. You can ask them any of the burning questions that you’ve been dying to ask […]

Pole Dancers and Betelnut Girls

This is from a podcast called misadventures in Taiwan. I think I was at this show strangely enough. Good times! There were three stages with a 30 foot high pole on each one, complete with semi naked Taiwanese girls. If you saw the earlier post, “Pole Dancing – Fun for the Whole Family”, you’ll know […]

Christmas weekend

Have a happy and safe Christmas weekend everyone! It’s a good time to hang back and hang out with your friends and family. Check out some live music in Taichung if you have the time. Bo Po Mo Fo will be playing on Saturday Dec 23rd! 10 to ? @ 89K on 89 Jung Ming […]