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Miss Betelnut

This video is one of the most interesting and informational betelnut videos I’ve ever seen even though it is sorely lacking in the scantily clad hot chick department. It is all in Chinese but is translated nicely into English. If you want to see what betelnut is and how they make it as well as […]

The Buzz About Chinese Tourists' Direct Flights to Taiwan from China

The Buzz About Chinese Tourists’ Direct Flights to Taiwan from China

I have to admit, I am getting a bit sick of all the attention that the new direct flights Chinese tourists are getting. It also feels like new KMT government is also presenting this (as a stepping stone for future closer ties with mainland China) as the cure of Taiwan’s economic ills and I just […]

Ping Lang Xi Shi teaches how to eat Ping Lang

Ping Lang, or Bin Lang, or Betelnut is a topic that just never really gets old at The Real Taiwan. This video shows a bikini clad betelnut girl that is showing people on a bus what to do to eat the nuts. Weather is 12 degree celc. , the girl wear Bikini to sell ping […]

Eating a betelnut: First timers experience

Here is a video I shot on Fili’s camera while at the Lu Er Men Matsu temple. It is of him eating his first (and last) betelnut. I thought since I took a similar video of my other friends you could check out both videos and get a feel for how people react to eating […]

Chewing Betelnut

Here is a short video clip of my friends eating betelnuts while taking a break from the Yan Shui fireworks festival. Too bad there weren’t any betelnut girls there. The owner did show us a picture of the event from years past that had an apparition of a god show up within the photo. Look […]

Binlang Video Extravaganza

I just couldn’t help myself tonight. If you have the time, check out these videos about two of Taiwan’s most bizarre treats… Betelnuts and betelnut girls! Yeah, it never gets old for me. Keep the videos coming! This video is actually a Karaoke song that you can sing in Chinese. The words are there if […]

Betelnut Girl Video: Revenge of the Camel Toe

台灣檳榔西施 Here is another interesting video those of you that are interested in betelnut girls from Taiwan. Make sure to keep watching until the very end when the camel toes come out. Oh yeah, if you don’t like to see sexy Asian girls or camel toes then don’t watch the movie. [ | | 403 […]