Canada D’eh 2008

Article and photos by Joseph McKinney

July the First; another Canada Day. But this year in Taiwan it came a few days early (Saturday, June 28th on Baishawan Beach in Taipei County). The Canadian Society in Taiwan held their annual Canada D’eh bash which was by all accounts a success.

The family and I were able to arrive on time (a personal Canada Day first for me) and the weather was lovely.

Volunteers manning the BBQs kept us fed on burgers and hotdogs and we headed down to the beach.
It was a great scene on a sunny day. Friends and families, lovers and strangers, all soaking up a true Little Canada in Taiwan atmosphere.

There was a tug-of-war, beach volleyball, bands, fireworks and there must have been a bikini contest but I missed that.

Lots of old friends were on hand, some helping, other just helping themselves to another beer, but the family had a good time. As a matter of fact, I enjoyed it so much, I’m taking the family on the China Air flight to Vancouver tonight so I can enjoy another two parties, in Van and Mtl.

I am still packing as of this minute, with only a few more hours to go before departure, so just a few short notes:

Landis was there with 2 acres plowed, keeping the cowgirls happy.

Jesse from Hsinchu was representing in his Flames shirt.

My 10-month old, Danny, proved himself to be no less scared of seawater than Taiwanese girls.
One bikini-clad girl was shy at first about having here photo taken, but when she heard it’d be posted on the internet, she couldn’t get enough of the camera and the camera couldn’t get enough of her.
Robin of Nankan was there, bright and early, doing his good deeds.

The insurance company gave us all lovely pins.

I learned some CPR from a female medic (the guy was kind of half-hearted about the whole thing) (clarification; we had a dummy, and it wasn’t me).

Jeff came up from Beitou, Changhua, with his beautiful family. Kevin was busy as ever and helped cut the cake. Dennis fronted me a rum and cranberry when we were stuck under the refreshment tent during a downpour. I found more drink coupons in my bad when I got home. Where can I cash them in? Will they accept them on Grouse?

Jesse’s buddy won the raffle ticket home to Canada, I’m keeping track of that… and I’m headed home for a few months but I will remember everyone who owes me money.

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