Canada D’eh 2007 Bai Sha Wan Wrapup

On Saturday, June 30th the Canadian Society in Taiwan had a great Canada Day party near Baishawan Beach in Taipei County, cleverly called Canada D’Eh. Which is likely the result of the nuck habit of expressing themselves in grunted monosyllables. It was awesome, with Mandy DJ, the girls of Taiwan Beer, Neon, Bo Po MO Fo, David Foster and his Syndicate (last show in Taiwan for awhile) and Absolutely Best Sound. ABS topped off the night with an amazing set of rock classics.
Introduced as Wu-Bai’s back-up band, the boys proved themselves well-worthy of any stage they should choose to grace. Drummer Dino Zavolta belted out the hits and did the best “both Bonham and Plant” I’ve seen in a long time, despite his protestations to the contrary. Neon had a right-well international crew on stage, and David Foster left the stage with an appropriate Hip cover, “Blow at High Dough”.

A hangover and traffic prevented me from arriving during daylight, but I’ve been assured that there were fireworks and people in the water. The Bikinis were well-represented, as well as hoards of bodies painted in the old Red-and-White. ICRT DJ’s were on hand and played some canned Hip and Nelly (the Furtado one). I was advised by some Montreal brethren in attendance that Geena Lee gave the city a big shout-out and claimed to be a native, but I’ve just checked out her myspace where it states she’s arrived here in Taiwan by way of T.O., so I’ll have to write her and find out what gives. But enough doubting, Respect Geena! Respect Canada! Respect Taiwan! Respect Summer! Please Respect and Support Live Music! Love!

This article was written by J McKinney

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