Camera Update

All of my hard work and perseverance has paid off and I finally have a new digital camera. I got a good deal from the Sunrise camera shop in Tainan (more info about them to come later). I ended up with a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Here are a bunch of shots I have taken within the past few days while learning to use the camera.

Asia ox drawn cart-1Asia ox drawn cart-2Asia ox drawn cart-3Asia ox drawn cart-4Asia ox drawn cart-5


Did Michael Turton take this photo?

Michael Turton Tribute

Young and old faces from Taiwan

Taiwanese students-7old faces of Taiwan-1old faces of Taiwan-3old faces of Taiwan-7

old man on scootertaiwanese flag-1

The coolest KTV treehouse you have ever seen.

tree house ktv karaoketree house ktv karaoke-3tree house ktv karaoke-5tree house ktv karaoke-6

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