Brickyard Kaohsiung: La Noche

I helped out the Brickyard bar in Kaohsiung Taiwan on their La Noche Latina Event with some Photography. The Day of the event they had 2 hours of the Latino Salsa Dancing Class for everyone before the Latino Band arrived. I enjoyed the lessons they offered for everyone, which was awesome for everyone in Taiwan that wants to learn a new type of the dance. The class makes sure that you can kinda catch the salsa moves and use it after the band arrives. It was good when the band arrivde and I was glade to see everyone had remembered the moves and used them during the band performing. They will have more La Noche Latina events every month, so I suggest everyone visit the Brickyard and HAVE FUN!!!!

About the Author

I was born in Taiwan and I moved to New Jersey when I was 9. Currently right now im a freelance photographer and working with alot of Professionals in the past. I know Mandarin, Taiwanese, Latin, and English. I'm going to be back and forth travel from both of countries. I love to hang out with my friends and see more places around Taiwan.

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