Brickyard Kaohsiung

Today I give a grand opening Brickyard a nice visit, and the place is at Kaohsiung County in Taiwan. The Brickyard has 2 owners, Ryan and Grant and they

both are very nice people to get along with. The place has a very nice theme to it, I mean it does look like a brickyard plus the mix with

basement feeling. The food and drink they sell are very very inexpensive and are a reasonable price for everyone. They also have a stage, pool

table and events for this bar, and this place is going to have a lot of things going on. I recommend everyone to visit this place and have

fun. I will give you more update info once the bar hit the events.

About the Author

I was born in Taiwan and I moved to New Jersey when I was 9. Currently right now im a freelance photographer and working with alot of Professionals in the past. I know Mandarin, Taiwanese, Latin, and English. I'm going to be back and forth travel from both of countries. I love to hang out with my friends and see more places around Taiwan.

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  1. I haven’t been home for a long time. Good to know new places for some kick ass fun. Could anyone recommend place(parties/bar…someplace down to earth) to go in Kaohsiung?

  2. This bar I go to is a very very good and event active bar, I recommand everyone to go!

  3. Hi, can you tell me where is Brickyard? It seems like a nice place to hang out. Thanks!

  4. The corner of Cingnian and Jhongshan 2nd Rd

    Kaohsiung City Cianjin District 507 Jhongshan 2nd Rd B1 Taiwan ROC

    View brickyard in a larger map

  5. Impressive photo gallery. Keepin’ it real and deivering a the positive vibe that makes Southern Taiwan a truly captivating and inviting place to chill after working, studying, or jus’ appreciating the many sports, cultural, and social activities the people of Taiwan offer. PEACE! LOVE! Merry Christmas 2009 and, hey, Kaoshiung, Pingtung, Chiayi,Toulio, and Tainan, etc., have a truly safe and bombastic NEW YEAR 2010!!! A shot o’ Johnny Walker black to you all!!!! Man, dude, awesome photo set!!!!!!

  6. oops, I incorrectly spelled the word “delivering.”
    …anyway, fabulous photo gallery!

  7. […] New Years Eve at [brickyard], No. 507, Jhongshan 2nd Rd., Cianjin District. Starts at 11pm and goes and goes and goes until 7am. Down that last 2010 drink to the sounds of The Deadly Vibes, Jack Conqueroo and 130 Dollars. There’s a review (with pics) of the [brickyard] here. […]

  8. Not a very impressive place. Its not bad or anything it is just very boring. The owners are nice but the place is just full of people that are fake and kind of trashy. Not a place for me I guess. Full of foreigners which isn’t bad but I sometimes would like to have intelligent conversation with people but can’t get that there. I’m gonna pass on this place. Just too boring.

  9. lots more photos and vids on our website… plus a full schedule of events.

    we’re currently the only place in a city of 1.5 million doing live music past midnight and are now bringing international bands and djs whenever we can!

    stop in monday – thursday for our 1/2 price happy hour (9:30-10:30) and nightly food specials.

    and the anonymous poster above is right. we are nice and a little trashy. haha…


  10. wow interesting, ive been in taiwan for awhile (moved here from sydney australia) and havent found any sort of proper club whatsoever (when i said club it means places that have actual djs and decks) , guess i havent looked hard enough! Will probably drop by for a beer soon and check out the local djing scene

  11. Nice place, easy access to Subway and fun area. Saw it when I went to eat at nice Japanese steak house above it.

  12. Just nice to see we have an actual ‘brickyard’ with tons of fun like that in town!! Now I’m back from Spain and after being ‘showered’ by fiestas, I’d go visit this place pretty often n I’d even like to work part-time there! 😉

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