Brickyard Kaohsiung

Today I give a grand opening Brickyard a nice visit, and the place is at Kaohsiung County in Taiwan. The Brickyard has 2 owners, Ryan and Grant and they

both are very nice people to get along with. The place has a very nice theme to it, I mean it does look like a brickyard plus the mix with

basement feeling. The food and drink they sell are very very inexpensive and are a reasonable price for everyone. They also have a stage, pool

table and events for this bar, and this place is going to have a lot of things going on. I recommend everyone to visit this place and have

fun. I will give you more update info once the bar hit the events.

About the Author

I was born in Taiwan and I moved to New Jersey when I was 9. Currently right now im a freelance photographer and working with alot of Professionals in the past. I know Mandarin, Taiwanese, Latin, and English. I'm going to be back and forth travel from both of countries. I love to hang out with my friends and see more places around Taiwan.

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