Break Dancing… in Taiwan?

With the mark hip hop culture has made on style and music (at at bars and clubs anyway) in Taiwan, it’s no wonder Break Dancing is becoming more and more popular.

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  1. Regarding how most people dance in Taiwan, is this video a little misleading?

  2. There’s a park in the middle of Chaiyi City that groups battle at all night. There’s a pack of chicks that have a “team” too. I remember seeing another group dancing outside the Taichung Art Museum on weeknights.

    Where do people get down in Taipei? Has anyone got any outdoor spots where I can go and watch them boogie?


  3. If you walk through the mall that runs underground between Zhongshan and Schuanglien MRT on any weekend afternoon you’ll see a lots of kids hanging out and doing hip hopping. It’s great. I ahve also seen kids breakdancing at CKS and SYS memorial halls in the evenings.

  4. Thanks, bud. I’ll go check it out.

  5. These are the better if not best dancers in Taiwan. Some of these clips come from contests.
    You see any african-american in New York and they can kick these guy’s *** at this kind of dance.

  6. To be honest…. I’ve downloaded quite a few, full-length, international breakdance competion vids and these guys are at a decent level. I can’t seem to find anywhere on the site where we said that these dudes could waste African-Americans though.

    Are you from New York?

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