Black Reign @ Brickyard 2/12/11

It´s time for another reggae night. Big Banging Boom Boom oh my Dear God awesome reggae night. Who can do that??? — Black Reign.

Black Reign was born out of the O-Brothaz Sound System, which was started five years ago by Oliver Harley, aka Lion, a Jamaica native, and Taili, who grew up in Paris and is of Martiniquan descent. A chance encounter on the streets of Taipei brought the two together, and a mutual passion for mixing Caribbean beats led to their partnership.
O-Brothaz enjoyed reasonable success, filling rooms with as many as 600 people. But Lion and Taili wanted to take things further and look beyond Taiwan, so they recast O-Brothaz as a record label and production studio and created Black Reign, expanding into a collective of four DJs from the Caribbean and Japan.
The group includes DJs General Young Blood of Jamaica, Fyah B of Belize and Katzu of Japan. Together their sound covers a wide spectrum: dancehall, roots, souk, and Calypso, and even hip-hop and R ’n’ B.

I don´t know about you. but I am so hungry and reggae feeds me. yay. Ready!
Tickets: Guys NT$300. Girls NT$150. tickets include 1 free drink and open bar from 10pm-11pm.
For reservations call: 0930-518-044/ 07-215-0024
Something special: All mixed drinks 2 for 1 till midnight, 15nt big wings.
Students with ID come in for free before 1am

Adress: [brickyard]紅磚地窖
中山二路507號B1 (507 Jongshan 2nd Rd. B1 )
Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Black Reign 介紹:
Black Reign是O-Brothaz Sound System旗下的一群DJ組合.
又網羅了同樣來自牙買加的General Young Blood
貝里斯的Fyah B,和來自日本的Katzu.

當 Lion和Taili在台北認識的時候,
於是他們由 Black Reign 開始把雷鬼音樂介紹給台灣.
(不熟嗎??? Dancehall代表人物—Sean Paul),
也同時包含大家耳熟能詳的RnB, HipHop等.

Black Reign在台灣各地舉辦過大大小小的派對,
喜歡雷鬼 喜歡跳舞 喜歡隨著音樂擺動,今天晚上來紅磚地窖,就對了.!

男生票價:300 女生票價: 150 皆含一杯飲料及十點到十一點暢飲
訂位電話: 07-215-0024/ 0930-518-044

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