Bizarre Taiwan: Magnetic People?

The Lin family in Taiwan were televised for having a bizarre quality… magnetism (not of the animal variety). The first portion of the video shows little Lin applying some silverware to his body and his father sticking a 6 pound iron to his chest. It looks very convincing.

In the second part of the video, on a Korean show, there is a foreign, bearded professor (the skeptic) that puts some powder on the Taiwanese mans chest, defeating his claim to magnetism. Quite amusing if you ask me. So how did he get the objects to stick in the first place? Could you believe a lot of sweat?

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  1. Yeah, gotta love Randi. If anyone’s interested, he can be found on

    And yes, he has spent a lifetime doing this stuff. He’s a magician, so he can see through tricks. He even has a million dollars up for anyone who can demonstrate to him that they have paranormal powers.

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