Binlang Video Extravaganza

I just couldn’t help myself tonight. If you have the time, check out these videos about two of Taiwan’s most bizarre treats… Betelnuts and betelnut girls! Yeah, it never gets old for me. Keep the videos coming!

This video is actually a Karaoke song that you can sing in Chinese. The words are there if you can read them… It it is one of the best videos that i have seen, although it doesn’t compare to what Toby Openshaw has done.

This next video was taken by some pervert that set himself up across the street and made a collage of short videos of different girls. Not bad if you want to see different Taiwanese girls in their underwear.

This last video is a bit on the disturbing side and is titled “The Youngest Betelnut Girl” (最小的檳榔西施).

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