Betelnut: Girls Girls Girls

Another in the growing armada of betelnut girl videos. It is a topic that still hasn’t become old here at The Real Taiwan. Check this one out as it has many photos of scantily clad Taiwanese chicks. I get the feeling that I’ve seen the photos somewhere else before. Perhaps they are just of the same girls.

Of course, if that isn’t your thing then please respectfully don’t watch the video and cry foul to us here. Thanks.

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I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, webmaster and father.

7 Responses to “ Betelnut: Girls Girls Girls ”

  1. This viedo isn’t working.

  2. Dan,

    It’s working for me. Youtube must have had a glitch.

  3. Well done!

  4. […] The Real Taiwan with a classy slideshow video featuring Betelnut Girls. […]

  5. Oh how I love those B-nut gals! There’s literally 5 stands just around the corner from my house. Ain’t nuthin like starting and finishing your day by looking at them! Well, not all of them….but there’s usually 1 or 2 good looking one’s outta 5. 🙂

  6. YouTube says “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation” I’m wond3ering if it’s not soemone who sjust took a binch opf my photos again?

    Tobie Openshaw

  7. Did you bust them Toby? Oh well. Guess they should take their own vids…

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