Aboriginal Invitational Live Music in Pingtung County

Not going away for Chinese New Year?
Get ready for 2 nights of great music at the Aboriginal Invitational.
Click here for details on getting there.

aboriginal invitational

Date: 1/26 & 1/27
(Monday and Tuesday – 1st and 2nd day of Chinese New Year)

Time: 10pm till 5am both nights

Place: Dream Paiwan
an Aboriginal Restaurant and Art Space. Here’s how to get there.

NT$400 gets you in the door with a pitcher of beer in your hand.

The Lineup:

  • DJ Marcus Aurelius (USA)
  • Ryan & Simon (USA, AUS)
  • Matzka & DeHot (Paiwan Tribe)
  • 吸引力樂團 (Paiwan Tribe)
  • 金曲歌手 家家 (Beinan Tribe)
  • 哈雷樂團/路達瑪幹 (Beinan Tribe)
  • Taiwan Indigenous TV Event
    w/ performers from Paiwan, Yami, and Atayal Tribes

There should be quite a few locals and lots of rice wine.

Be sure to RSVP to our facebook invite.

Pick a day or bring a tent and find somewhere to pitch it…

Here’s how to get there:

  1. The ‘Party’ Bus:
    (A chartered bus will leave JOIN-Us at 8pm on 1-26 and return to Kaohsiung the following morning at 5am)
    Call Graham at 093-051-8044 to reserve a seat…
  2. Train and Taxi Combo:
    Ride the train to ChaoJhou Station and give the following address to a taxi driver:
    Expect a 15-20 minute taxi ride and a fare of NT250+
  3. By Scooter/Motorcycle:
    (Here’s a map for road warriors)

It’s a 20 minute ride from ChaoJhou Train Station

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