The Real Taiwan

Welcome to The Real Taiwan. This site was created with the intention of bringing the creative people in Taiwan together. Musicians, photographers, film makers, writers, and all other artists are all welcome to have their works presented here, as well as their show/contact information. We are getting very good rankings in the search engines for the events and artists we have already, so if you are looking for a way to help promote your creative endeavor, throw us an email (therealtaiwan(at)gmail(dot)com).

You can help us to expose (pun intended) The Real Taiwan for the knowledge and entertainment of people around the world. Some things you see here may not be very PC, but they are real and they are Taiwan.

Thank you to all the artists already on the site and contributing show information to us. We hope we are making a difference for you. Contact us if there is anything else you’d like to see on your page. We are becoming the home for the live music scene in Taiwan, thanks to the cooperation from the many bands that are working hard to hone their craft in Taiwan.

If you’ve had a great experience, or a terrible experience in Taiwan, please share. There are so many great stories that have been forgotten already. Keep them alive here. You can post comments to the articles, and even write some articles to promote events or just write about some crazy stuff that has happened! Email therealtaiwan@gmail.com for more details.

Best regards,

John and Kelley

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