2 Weeks in Time: A Taiwan Photo Journal

Sometimes pictures speak more clearly than words. Anyway, here is a glimpse of a Taiwan life through a 2 week window on my daily life here.

*** On a side note, The images on this page are cropped and may appear to be a bit off… Just click the photo and it will present a larger non cropped version.

taipei main station bathroom surveillance

The sign outside of the restrooms at the Taipei main station. It says “surveillance cameras are on”. Definitely wonder how that could be legal. So if I have a sign saying I am watching you while you are suffering fomr the effects of that street food you ate 20 minutes ago it is ok?

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life

There is something about this intersection…

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-40Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-39Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-38Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-37Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-36Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-35Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-34Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-33Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-32Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-31Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-30Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-29Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-27Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-26Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-25

Street vendors and snacks at a market area in Da Wan, North of Tainan City.

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-28

Hold your breath! Durian!

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-24

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-23

Chicken head

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-22Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-21Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-20Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-19Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-18

Some funny and cute kids at a buxiban

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-17

Chiang Kai Shek hall

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-14

Om the steps at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall.

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-13Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-12

Even in Taiwan!

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-9

An old Taiwanese lady sorting through her trash collection.

Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-7Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-4Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-3Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-2Tainan Da Wan taiwan life-1sleeping in the park old man

Men hanging out at the park in Tainan City, Taiwan.

no helmet for kids

Kids on a scooter without helmets.

Elephant man Taiwan

Chinese Lucky Whiskers on mole

Lucky whiskers

666 license plate

A license plate with the lucky (or evil) numbers 666.

About the Author

I am a cultural geographer by nature, and now a photographer, videographer, musician, webmaster and father.

3 Responses to “ 2 Weeks in Time: A Taiwan Photo Journal ”

  1. Mmmmmm, don’t hold your breath! Pass me some of that durian!! ; D

  2. Haha. I know a lot of people that like it actually but if you are odor sensitive like me, it is very difficult to get over the “smells like shit tastes like ice cream” ideology behind eating stank food.

  3. Hey mang. I’m in Paris sippin’ espresso and looking down the canal at 8am. It’s funny how even at a time like this I miss Taiwan.

    Nice post BTW.

    Keep it up homie.

    Your Pal,


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