10/10/09 CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL 加勒比海狂歡嘉年華會 @ The wall

Islandjam presents Taiwan’s first introduction to the Caribbean Carnival.
An all night party of dance and music, costume and extravagance.
Get ready to enjoy the sights and sounds of the carnival
with Black Reign Intl Sound and the live fanfare of Pan-Africana .
Bring your colors and your costume, your dancing shoes and your
flag. Carnival is calling.


Positive Vibes Everytime!

Islandjam 將為Taiwan 首度引見舉世聞名, 加勒比海狂歡嘉年華會。
準備好起和Black Reign Intl Sound 和 Pan-Africana 體驗狂歡 炫麗的視覺,
聽覺震撼! 扮上你最彩色的服裝,配件裝飾,

October 10, 2009 @ The Wall – 10月10日
10:30PM~ $450NT + 1 free drink
$350NT + 1 free drink [student with ID ]

The Wall
B1 200 Roosevelt Rd. Section 4 Taipei
Office: 886-2-2930-0162
Fax: 886-2-2930-0114


About the Author

ISLANDJAM is an event organization team, under the O-Brothaz Record label, based in Taipei . We organize Reggae, Dub, Ska, Dancehall events [party, Concert, Festival...] in the Taipei City/County area. ISLANDJAM is open to local and international bands/artists who want to perform in Taipei in the genres of Reggae Roots, Ska, Dub, Hip Hop and Dancehall music. INFORMATION & BOOKING : islandjam08@gmail.com - [+886] 2 23914717..... ISLANDJAM 台灣雷鬼音樂-

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